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January 25, 2016

Subject: New home for Butterfly Hideaway

Message: We received one of your beautiful butterfly 'retreats' from my sister and brother in law of Ladner BC for Christmas. Awesome. Along with the milkweed plants I put in last year I hope to have some beauties visits our yard this year. We are in Silver Spring Maryland USA (zip is 20910 if you want to locate your hideaway on your map). Thanks for a beautiful creation!


August 8, 2015

Subject: cedar feeder

Message: my good friend from Vancouver purchased your feeder to help with my blackbird problem. I am happy to report that your feeder is a wonderful addition to my backyard feeders and allows all my songbirds and small birds feeding time. Usually the my feeder is empty in an afternoon and the blackbirds swarm at it to get their fill. Thank you for your design that actually works--An Ontario Bird lover

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